Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

“One of the most important factors to achieving a VBAC is having a support team that believes in you and your body’s ability to birth your baby. This can include your partner, family members, and a doula. A doula not only can help reassure and comfort you during pregnancy and labor, but also she can help prepare you mentally and physically for your birth.”


Every women needs the same thing in order to have a positive birth experience: unwavering support and faith in her ability to give birth. With the alarming number of cesarean sections being preformed in the United States, it is important to inform yourself, do the proper research, and ensure you have experienced support so that you are on the right path to achieving your VBAC birth. 


You can have your VBAC anywhere you find a supportive caregiver, which may be at a hospital, birth center with midwives, or at home with a midwife who practices independently. 


Here are a few of the many ways in which The Village Doula can be an integral part
of your VBAC team:


  1. We marry skill set with presence 
    We are trained and knowledgeable. We come to your birth with a wealth of
    information  regarding positions, labor patterns, movements, and more. The Village Doula difference is that we know how to combine this western knowledge with out quietly confident presence. Melissa Kosloski, a
    doula and childbirth educator in
    St Cloud, MN
    and a VBAC mom herself says,“My doula shared her special skills to
    help me achieve my VBAC, but it was her unwavering support and trust in my body
    that allowed me the space to do what I knew deep down I could do. Just her presence was all I needed from her during labor!”


  2. We help you find your strength
    We believe in the innate power of women, even when you forget it. A doula helps you find that power and draw on it during your  labor. “I am so thankful I had a doula for my VBACs. For my first VBAC, my OB was extremely supportive but it was clear when
    we got to the hospital that the rest of the staff was not. My doula kept me encouraged and grounded and focused on my goal. She helped my husband and I advocate
    for ourselves. She didn’t give me the power, but she helped me find the power within myself.”


  3. We have a whole team of local resources
    We are happy to refer you to chiropractors, herbalist specialists, and practitioners who are “VBAC friendly/supportive”. 

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